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Sep 25, 2012 2:00am PDT
long time. i think the reality is that the courts have to get up to speed. that was really the lessson of the daubert case and kelly frye as well, the lawyers, judges, the system more generally has to be able to evaluate the validity of proper expert testimony. we can't get around it. it's in the courtroom. the problem with latent fingerprints and firearms and handwriting and arson investigation and the list goes on and on as you know better than i, the problem is those were never actually evaluated. the court simply grandfathered it in or never even bothered to look at it. i can assure you that the forensic sciences, the nond.n.a. stuff is not brain science. it doesn't take a kent to look at the scientific methods underlying a lot of the forensic techniques and say that it's mostly junk. i do think your point is well taken that when you get to genetics and you get to neuroscience and get to some of the more complex science, i quite frankly think that law schools need to step up. lawyers and judges need to step up to do a better job of understanding it and that's one of the thing kent
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Sep 18, 2012 3:00am PDT
perseverance . those messages are so important not just in sports. but you need to transfer those lesssons in life and sports giving all partners a common denominator with kid and opptunity to talk to kids. eli manning threw that and came back. >> brian: instead of son come here daughter, son, i have a message about team work. >> watch a sporting event and lack at hard work and team work and power and all of those great things . you see that or just get a good book and read it. read together. that would be good for the green family. >> 30 percent of the royalty go to jeff key's center for survivorship. >> brian: i resent you. valedictorian of yourr classs and number one pick of the lantt lantt falcons and you are a best selling author and on top of that you are a lawyer. what can't you do? >> i am on your show now, right. i can't do what you do? >> brian: let's be honest. this is "fox and friends" of the show. >> no, you steve, and gretchen are the show. >> brian: thank you so much. coming up. on this show it is a moment this marine will never forget. home and reunited with his best friend .
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)